About Cooking in Quarantine

I’m asking the best chefs in the world what to cook when you’re stuck at home.

About Me

I’m Sam Koppelman, and I write things. Mostly speeches for Fenway Strategies. But I also wrote a New York Times best-selling book on impeaching Donald Trump with Neal Katyal. And now, I’m writing this newsletter.


The world is scary right now. For me, yes, and for my family, but it’s scarier for the kids whose only reliable meal, school lunch, may no longer be there for them. For the parents who were working two jobs to feed their kids—and now have none. For the people without homes, who couldn’t isolate themselves even if they wanted to. 

In moments of fear, it’s hard not to despair. 


We aren’t powerless. We can donate to charities helping out those who need it most. We can call our elected officials—and tell them they need to act. We can wash our hands, stay in our homes, and get the fuck away from old people so we don’t get them sick. 

I hope you do all of those things. 

But I also hope you seek out reasons to smile whenever you can in the coming months, especially if you, like me, are relatively safe. That’s why I started this newsletter. Because across the world, from Wuhan to Washington, people in quarantine have been finding joy in cooking. And I want to make it easier for you to follow their lead. Because we need moments of reprieve; moments of solace; moments of joy. And in food, I hope, we will find them. 

Thank you for signing up to receive this newsletter. Thank you for considering donating to the organizations doing the most good. And thank you for refusing to let despair stop you from making the most of every day—and every dish. 

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